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Friday, August 12, 2011

God Sucks at Miracles

The recent bankruptcy of Crystal Cathedral in Orange County has sparked a bidding war between a Roman Catholic diocese and a local university.

The Church itself is trying to fight the system and keep their Church by raising enough money to get it back. The comment below reflects their thoughts.

"I believe with every fiber of my being that God turned the eyes of the world on Crystal Cathedral because God wants to make a big bold statement," said Sheila Coleman, the daughter of the founder. "He wants the world to know that he is a God who still does miracles," she said.

Oooh, that makes so much sense. God decided a good use of his miracle powers is to bankrupt a church for a month or two then give everything back. Yes, how his boundless intelligence shows worthwhile miracles. Or he could grow back some limbs from child amputees... would that be too kind? 

And if someone's excuse is that bad things like that happen so we understand how important our life is, they are fucking insane. I don't enjoy the things in my life because someone else cannot do them. I don't care anymore about my legs because a little boy loses his in an African genocide. Or my intelligence because others have autism. Or my food because people are starving. The things that are important to me are important because I find incredible fucking value in their use or how they make me feel. And even IF a God did put great weight on have vs. have not’s...THAT IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH FUCKING REASON TO LET POINTLESS SUFFERING TRAGIDIES OCCURE WHEN YOU CAN STOP THEM!

Sorry for the yelling...I feel strongly about this...