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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bachmann is a Freaking Comedian!

HAHAHAHA, Bachmann says HPV vaccine causes retardation. She is so funny...Wait! An influential person making stupidly false claims about an important vaccine, that isn't funny, it's utterly insane. She didn't even bother to visit the Center for Disease Control's website which, ooh I don't know, actually CONTAINS RESEARCH DONE BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS AND NOT SOME CRAZY CRYING LADY YOU PASS ON THE STREET.

Here it is. Took me 2 mins.

Now your telling me a presidential candidate went on, what I am guessing, is the most watched morning news show and made false claims about a very important subject that would have taken 2 mins to clarify?

Rick Perry, the Republicans' Messiah?

I'm going to start a compilation of Rick Perry shit here.

By Kathleen Parker
August 26

Rick Perry's rapid lead over previous Republican front- runner Mitt Romney was predictable. But it is not a good sign for Republicans hoping to reclaim the White House and further highlights the crucial battle within GOP circles: Who is the godliest of us all?

That's the mirror-mirror question for Republicans.
Forget charisma, charm, intelligence, knowledge and that nuisance, "foreign policy experience." The race of the moment concerns which candidate is the truest believer.

This was always a tough hurdle for Romney, whose Mormonism is reflexively distrusted by Southern evangelicals. Even so, in the absence of a better candidate, Romney had a fighting chance to win his party's support. Then came Perry.

Talk about a perfect-storm, composite candidate. Combine Elmer Gantry's nose for converts, Ronald Reagan's folksy confidence and Sarah Palin's disdain for the elites - and that dog hunts.

Perry doesn't just believe, he evangelizes. He summons prayer meetings. He reads scripture while callers are on hold. Not incidentally, he's a successful governor.
Perhaps most important, he's a wall-scaling fundraiser whose instincts make him a force of nature in the political landscape.

If you're Romney, Perry is a nightmare that's still there in the morning. If you're Barack Obama, maybe not so much?

Perry's political instincts were in evidence when he timed his entrance into the race just as everybody else was trying to grab straws in the Iowa poll. If life is high school in adult relief, Perry is the guy who shows up in a truck with a winch and pulls the car out of the ditch while those other guys are looking for a jack.

Whether you like his politics or not, he emits a pheromonal can-do-ness. Apparently, plenty of Republicans do like his politics, which has much to do with the very devil-may-care attitude that eventually will become Perry's cross to bear. Gallup's recent polling shows him not just passing Romney, but dusting him. Among Republican voters, 29 percent now swear their allegiance to the Texas governor, almost double the 17 percent for Romney.

Huddled around the exhaust pipe are, you got it, the jack handlers: Ron Paul (13 percent) and Michele Bachmann (10 percent), followed by Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman in the single digits.

Perry's campaign strategy is to talk only about jobs- jobs-jobs, no matter what the question. That's both smart and necessary, but jobs-jobs-jobs isn't the money trinity with his base. Perry already hit that station with his prayer rally and various dog whistles to the
congregation: He's not sure anyone knows how old Earth is, evolution is just a "theory" and global warming isn't man-made.

That we are yet again debating evolutionary theory and Earth's origins - and that candidates now have to declare where they stand on established science - should be a signal that we are slip-sliding toward governance by emotion rather than reason. But it's important to understand what's undergirding the debate. It has little to do with a given candidate's policy and everything to do with whether he or she believes in God.

If we are descended of some blend of apes, then we can't have been created in God's image. If we establish Earth's age at 4.5 billion years, then we contradict the biblical view that God created the world just 6,500 years ago. And finally, if we say that climate change is partly the result of man's actions, then God can't be the One who punishes man's sins with floods, droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes. If He wants the climate to change, then He will so ordain, and we'll pray more.

Perry knows he has to make clear that God is his wingman. And this conviction seems not only to be sincere, but also to be relatively noncontroversial in the GOP's church - and perhaps beyond. He understands that his base cares more that the president is clear on his ranking in the planetary order than whether he can schmooze with European leaders or, heaven forbid, the media. And this is why Perry could easily steal the nomination from Romney.

And also why he probably can't win a national election, in which large swaths of the electorate would prefer that their president keep his religion close and be respectful of knowledge that has evolved from thousands of years of human struggle against superstition and the kind of literal-mindedness that leads straight to the dark ages.

Faith and reason are not mutually exclusive, but Perry makes you think they are.

Dawkins on Perry -
There is nothing unusual about Governor Rick Perry. Uneducated fools can be found in every country and every period of history, and they are not unknown in high office. What is unusual about today's Republican party is this: In any other party and in any other country, an individual may occasionally rise to the top in spite of being an uneducated ignoramus. In today's Republican Party 'in spite of' is not the phrase we need. Ignorance and lack of education are positive qualifications, bordering on obligatory.
Intellect, knowledge and linguistic mastery are mistrusted by Republican voters, who, when choosing a president, would apparently prefer someone like themselves over someone actually qualified for the job.

Friday, August 12, 2011

God Sucks at Miracles

The recent bankruptcy of Crystal Cathedral in Orange County has sparked a bidding war between a Roman Catholic diocese and a local university.

The Church itself is trying to fight the system and keep their Church by raising enough money to get it back. The comment below reflects their thoughts.

"I believe with every fiber of my being that God turned the eyes of the world on Crystal Cathedral because God wants to make a big bold statement," said Sheila Coleman, the daughter of the founder. "He wants the world to know that he is a God who still does miracles," she said.

Oooh, that makes so much sense. God decided a good use of his miracle powers is to bankrupt a church for a month or two then give everything back. Yes, how his boundless intelligence shows worthwhile miracles. Or he could grow back some limbs from child amputees... would that be too kind? 

And if someone's excuse is that bad things like that happen so we understand how important our life is, they are fucking insane. I don't enjoy the things in my life because someone else cannot do them. I don't care anymore about my legs because a little boy loses his in an African genocide. Or my intelligence because others have autism. Or my food because people are starving. The things that are important to me are important because I find incredible fucking value in their use or how they make me feel. And even IF a God did put great weight on have vs. have not’s...THAT IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH FUCKING REASON TO LET POINTLESS SUFFERING TRAGIDIES OCCURE WHEN YOU CAN STOP THEM!

Sorry for the yelling...I feel strongly about this...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mocking and Ridicule of Fundies

I'm a frequent contributor to news-site comment pages. Namely, news-sites who post stories on subjects I care about. Here is a recent one I've flogged in several places: FCKH8

When I first started patrolling comment boxes looking for the latest bigot or intellectually dishonest person to correct, I would try my best to remain civil, to state my case in a solid manner hoping they would see the "light" or, in the least, to show a different side and give rise to an honest discussion.

This never really works... ever.

A holocaust denier bringing up his views in a job interview would be a really bad idea. This is because, not only will they not be taken seriously, but they will open themselves to harsh ridicule. Statements based on blind religious fundamentalism should be held to the same critical standard. When people say stupid shit because of their religion, I now feel the need to point out that their unfounded claims are going to encounter serious scrutiny. And, if I can find a spot, I'm going to let the jabs fly.

From my most recent exchange:
Dave - "It isn't surprising that gays are intolerant & hateful."
Me - "It isn't surprising that Christians are intolerant & hateful."
See what I did there? Your just spouting silly retoric without justification.
Where did you get your incredibly bad reasoning skills? ... They were making FUN of christian bigotry and closemindednes... The only intolerant & hateful people in this argument are those who spread lies and hate in order to press their own beliefs on others."
Dave -"By your actions, you're supporting what I've said.
Me - "Umm, nothing [I] said proved your above statement. You said "hateful & intolerant" and your point is still dumb and unfounded. What you can assert however, is that we are resorting to mockery and ridicule which, anti gay groups deserve when they spout their bigotry. Half the fun is making points the other half is mocking you small minded fundies while having a good laugh at your expense. Just like we do against racists or sexists, yes we compare you to them."

Now, I don't know if this guy was a Christian or not. But I didn't care. He had said "homos" are hateful for w/e the fuck reason and I felt like laying into him. I personally didn't care if I changed his mind. Asking someone such as this to change their minds is like asking my dog to do the dishes... They will approach it with the exact same level of comprehension. Mostly I am aiming to change the minds of others reading our exchange. Hopefully, some other fundie read it and it altered their point of view or made them think.  Hopefully? Maybe that one person was going to post something similar, but now sees that it will only lead to people like me mocking their stupid beliefs. I can only hope it did.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Atheists Secretly Want to Love and Worship God

Father Robert Baron tried to rationalize why so many militant atheists are making so much noise on the internet these days.  He of course doesn't come any where close because he claims "My wager, as a person of faith, is that everyone — and that includes Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins — implicitly wants God and hence remains permanently fascinated by the things of God."

Here is the whole post below:

Well now, I'm a militant atheist and consider myself pretty well educated so I tried to let him know where he is wrong.  This is what I typed in the comments and I hope he reads it:

Hey, an atheist here and I feel the need to shine the light on some things you said:

" Are the advocates of the faith ready to meet that challenge?"

In my opinion, no. And they won't be until Churches can increase the level of legitimate education among their members and decrease the level of wilful ignorance. One of the most annoying things about Christians to me is their lack in understanding of not only the history of their own religion, but the wall that is built up by their parents and their Church to hide them from the rest of the world's philosophies. This leads to people bumbling around when are they confronted with strange philosophical analogies and questions or have an atheist throw Bible verses back at them. Oh yes, we read it. Any good atheist has read the entire thing and the Koran. The modern world is too small to keep all of our religious views from affecting one another and therefore, it behoves us to communicate with each other honestly and effectively.

"We shouldn’t imitate the Internet atheists in their nastiness,"

Sometimes we become annoyed at having to answer the same questions over and over again and we resort to short snappy answers. Don't let this scare you off. However, If you truly encounter a tone you don't like or they seem to be shot-gunning around your questions, then don't talk to that person. It's that simple.

"Everyone is searching"

No. This is not true.

"My wager, as a person of faith, is that everyone — and that includes Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins — implicitly wants God and hence remains permanently fascinated by the things of God."

This is untrue on many levels. You are asserting to know what is on other men's hearts and minds, that's just silly to start off with. And, you shouldn't find any intellectually honest atheists doing any mind-reading either. This leads to a  ignorant statement that they are lying when they assert that they are not searching for God. You've already lost the wager if you claim something like that. What If I were a Muslim and told you that, as a Christian, "Your lying about actually believing in Jesus. All of the strife in your life is because Allah is calling to you, but you refuse to see him."? I would expect you to get angry. Not only is the assertaion a direct assult to your deeply held beliefs...but it's completely unfounded. These types of accusations are not only dishonest, but also fail to open any sort of productive dialogue.

"Though the fierce atheists of today profess that they would like to eliminate religious speech and religious ideas, secretly they love to listen as people speak of God. This goes a long way, it seems to me, toward explaining their presence in great numbers on religious blogs"

No, it's not an elimination of speech and ideas we want. It is a broadening and universality of all philosophies and ideals, religious or not, with all subject to he same scrutinity to ensure they adhere to the tenants of equal human rights. Also, again, No I don't secretly long for your Yahweh. I have a passion for religious philosophy and finding out what people believe and why they believe it.

[John] "I think your spot on. They really want to believe in Him, and they can't stay away."

Again, I hoped I covered this well enough above. If not I can go over it again.  And feel free to ask me any other questions.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Who Died and Made the Church King?

Recently NY Legalized Gay Unions.
Also recently, to no one's surprise, the Catholic Church had a thing or two to say about it.

"This is a further erosion of the real understanding of marriage,"
No, it is not an erosion. If anything, it's an addition. But neither of these verbs is appropriate in describing changes to marital bonds; and your understanding of marriage, between a man and woman, is based on misinformation, lies, or the Bible (Actually, the bible is Both of those things, but I digress).

"The state should not be concerned about regulating affection."
DiMarzio is a fucking idiot. (You can tell they don't go to "real" college.)

First off, he uses the word affection in what seems to be an attempt to pry some sort of extra emotion from people, but the phrase "regulating affection" makes no sense. You can't control how much people care for each other on any level and it's silly to say that everyone who is in a Civil Union is affectionate to what-ever-the-fuck degree.

Secondly, the State WAS concerned about regulating things by telling people with whom they can and can not legally be together. Now they have simply taken a neutral stance. I don't like asparagus. I think it is gross and an abomination, however just because the government doesn't stop people from growing it because of my deeply held beliefs about it doesn't mean there is some vegetable regulation racket. This assumption of his is so incredibly silly I can't believe that anyone would take it seriously.

Thirdly, who died and made the Church king of all things needing to be regulated? I would also say that a celibate priest is not an expert in relationships. Maybe the real reason priests are so angry is because we won't redefine "affection regulation" so that grown men can marry 12 year old boys.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

If God is real and I ever meet him. I will expect some answers...

The "problem of evil" argument often leads to questions about why God lets children die. This picture illustrates it much better than anyone could ever say...Well, maybe not Sam Harris, but he is magic.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Tell Me Your Interpretation of Your Holy Book...of crap

It's not your interpretation of the bible, it's the fact that it is interpretable in so many ways that causes so many problems. Problems like the ones that lead to phrases such as "Well, they aren't real Christians".

Sometimes people don't think critically. At one time I believed that I was a true Christian. How did I know? What is a true Christian? Well at the time it was all a product of my interactions with other members of my congregation. As a youth group member one tries to live up too all the expectations of the elders, of the other youths, and of their parents. It was praise and acceptance that I was looking for. It's the praise and acceptance that everyone is looking for... granted we did have a couple of those "fuck authority" kids, always making their decisions based on how much they could piss off the powers that be (those people annoy the hell out of me too).

My congregation was made up of like-minded people who had specific ideas of what it's like to be a true Christian. Being a congregation meant that we had, for the most part, a similar frame of mind when it came to our beliefs. If someone strayed too far from these beliefs, various forms of spiritual what-not would take place (for example, a sit-down/talk with elders). If/When someone would concede irreconcilable differences they would just find a new denomination with Christians that would welcome their particular take on how "Real Christians" should operate. After finding a new place to call home they would completely disregard the illogical situation that just happened... They were part of a situation that, because of the interpretable "Word of God", they were forced to leave a group of people they once called brothers and sisters. When a preacher is giving a sermon it's called infallible, but when hard questions are asked...it becomes interpretive.

In 2000 the World Christian Database showed about 33,000 denominations of x-mas sects. Now, they only mention 9,000... however, it would still be a "WTF?!" number even if it was 2. By backing this current religious situation Christians are advocating not only the belief in an ancient book, but also that their God is incapable of writing one that is straight forward enough to unite all people. In the Christian religion one is talking about eternal punishment in hell for things that sincere God-loving/fearing people can't agree on. If these beliefs are true... Then Yaweh is a prick, unworthy of worship. I really wish Christians would spot these major flaws of interpretation and stop failing so much at life.

"This is one of the pinnacles of Christian apologetics...and they are unable to spot their flaws in their own [arguments]. Now they are bending over backwards and sacrificing every bit of decency they have in order to make excuses for this fictional monster they feel they must defend." - Matt Dillahunty (around the 30 min mark)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have Found the Mecca of Religious Debates

So, with all the blogs and research sites I visit there are times when my eyes come across the name of an apologist, or a scientist, or an atheist, or a citation for a debate that I want to know more about. LukeProg over at Common Sense Atheism created a one stop page on his blog for those times when you want to look up debates for any person you have become interested in researching more. I have used it a couple of times and would like to give it the proper recognition it deserves on my site!

500+ Religious Debates:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PZ Meyers and Aron Ra Take on Some Islam Creationists

Fast-forward to 10:50 and listen to Aron Ra back them into admitting that "you can't be punished for being a non-believer unless you are told about Allah"...the whole audience pipes in.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Offending Religious Sentiment

Here in America you can be charged with a crime if you impersonate a government official.  And It matters weather or not you were just making fun of the type of official, (that would be a freedom of speech violation) unless you tried to get special treatment to attempt illegal shit while doing so. Which makes sense, and its purpose has nothing to do with possibly offending any officials. But for some reason in Maltese Nine people might be charge with a crime. The same type of charge we have here...but it extends to church and religious officials. Why? Seriously, why?

the behavior was “not simply a case of people dressing up as Christ or the saints” but more a question of public indecency and offending religious sentiment.

Offending your religious sentiment? What about your religion offending and completely disregarding gay sentiment? What about verses in your bible calling for the death of homosexuals? What about unequal rights for women all over the world? What about its advocation of slavery, stoning, genocide and technological deceleration? No, you don't deserve a "don't pick on me" card. As long as you get your morals from a book that leads to and advocates beliefs that keep society from evolving and making itself better you will be mocked...and I will laugh.

P.S. Tim Minchin doesn't like the Pope.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bastrop High Gets A Letter In The Mail

So yeah, I was waiting for this letter to be sent. I really feel for the kid who got this ball rolling, and I hope he sues the pants off the school district for being a bunch of ignorant jebus-twats thinking they are the only people in the world.

Oh, here is a Christian explaining why everyone should be against ritual prayer in schools.
"I would say in love to my Christian brothers and sisters, before you yearn for the imposition of prayer and similar rituals in your public schools, you might consider attending a football game at Wahiawa High School. Because unless you're ready to endure the unwilling exposure of yourself and your children to those beliefs and practices that your own faith forswears, you have no right to insist that others sit in silence and complicity while you do the same to them."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Faith is not a virtue and Harold Camping used it to be a douche'

First off, it's important to point out what the hell faith is. It's a word that's been twisted and shat upon by various groups of people to help get convoluted points across. "But when I talk about my faith I mean my religion" Well then you're just replacing the word religion with another word. I could say "My faith is Muslim" or "My cantology(art of singing) is Muslim" and it's equally as silly. Just because a religion encompasses various forms of cantology and faith, it doesn't mean you should be word shuffling to make your voodoo sound accurate.

Well then what is faith? Simply put, it is believing something without evidence. But it's even more philosophically honest to say that faith is a belief held on bad evidence or no evidence at all, bad evidence being an important distinction later on. Also important to note is the fact that beliefs and faith are not mutually exclusive. Anyone is free to believe anything their mind can come up with. It's what you base that belief on that dictates whether or not other people on Facebook are going to mock you with impunity. Basing your beliefs on solid grounds is good and basing your beliefs on bad or no evidence is bad. Making important decisions based on hunches and faith is an irresponsible way to live your life.

Which leads me to the main point.
Harold Camping (Lets call him H.C.) and his campaign of bullshit slinging needs very little introduction. But what does need explaining is how hundreds of thousands of people could be conned into believing something so fucking stupid, not to mention the fact that the manner in which he "derived" the date itself is so very asinine.
In addition, the very book he used his woo-woo math on tells him he is wrong and any serious claim to know is considered "testing Yahweh". What H.C. did, was make a claim and asserted a belief, based on BAD evidence on some points and NO evidence on others. The equation he pulled out of his ass was bad evidence and the claim of it being on the anniversary of the great flood was a claim with NO evidence at all. (Genesis is such complete bullshit that I consider it non-evidence). With so many things working against H.C. on his claim, he is reduced to telling his mindless followers "Have Faith".

Well, that turned out well.
With people giving their entire life savings, kids' college funds, vehicles, homes and any other number of monetarily valuable things under the guise of: WTF do we need money for? Jebus is coming back. Or old scripture like Malachi 3:10 and crap in the new testament praising being poor.

No matter how much you try to fluff up shitty old sayings like "Blessed be the meek" or "The poor man is rich in spirit", it does not make them true! Monetary based happiness claims are WAY more complicated than trying to sum them up in a single sentence or "the old saying" (topic for another day).

H.C. played these people like a bunch of flutes. Are they complete idiots for believing him? Not necessarily, but I will still make fun of them. Also, what happened to these people to allow them to be so duped? Well, I can answer that. The same reason and logic they use every day, when driving their car, making a big purchase, offering non-religious advice to a friend and trashing other gods they don't worship, was not used when presented with outlandish rapture claims. Yeah, I think we can call them idiots. I think we can call H.C. a fucking douche' bag. Above all, I think faith isn't something to be used...Ever.

Childish Critical Thinking

(picture from Klepsacovic's site)
I find myself of the opinion that we should all be more critical, than less, of children. This also means paying more attention to what they say. All too often I see adults pretty much just shaking their heads all the silly things their children say.
Responding to, "Mommy I wanna fly on the lawn mower when daddy gets home," with something like, "Thats nice honey," as a reply. This could amount to some lazyness or being too indulgent.

When what should be happening is a critical analysis and breakdown of the statement. In this case, lawnmowers don't fly and you might get asked why. Be prepared to give and explanation of your answers to their questions. "Because I said so," is a bullshit answer (I heard this the other day at lunch). Its very surprising how much a 2 or 3 year-old can understand, and even more so at 5 or 6 if critical thinking is taught from the very point they can put together more than one word.

Now, I'm not saying that we should never let our children imagine crazy shit. But, we are not helping them along in their educational development by letting them completely immerse themselves in bull-crap.

Not that I know anything about raising children... I just had this one my mind after browsing some blogs this morning. And a quick google check gave me tons of sites dedicated to this stuff.

I apologize for being an ignorant twat all those years ago.

This is via a recent facebook note I put up. Content pending, I'll be equally sharing all posts here with my facebook notes.

A common occurrence I've seen among "enlightened" people, including some of my favorite philosophers, is a public apology for any transgressions that may have occurred at a time in their life when they "had all the answers".  This is my "oh shit, sorry" letter.
I apologize:

To gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people:  When I was younger I preached your hearts were filled with gross perversions and it was through your own free will and sin that you were gay.  I participated in "Cure the Gays" prayer circles.  I stood by as ridicule and hate were spewed from people I chose to look up to or call my friends, even if I felt it was wrong. I was told it was God's will, which is much more important than ours. I shamefully passed down these horrible points of view to younger generations of youth and I sincerely hope that they see reason now after my unsubstantiated bigotry.  I apologize for signing multiple petitions to prohibit gay marriage and suppress gay rights.  I deeply apologize for saying these things with no rational justification what-so-ever.

To Non-Christians and atheists:
I ridiculed or tried to convert on mission trips.  I was once pig-headed enough to think that my reasons for believing in something were better than anyone else's... they aren't.  I was confused and it never truly occurred to me why I disapproved of other peoples gods. If I had ever stopped to think about it, I would have realized why they don't believe in mine*. I'm sorry I said that you are going to hell to be tortured forever. That was bullshit. (put simply)  I now find it morally reprehensible to assert that someone disserves anything of the sort for simply holding different beliefs under the same evidence as I hold mine and I refuse to put any stock in a God who would do something even close to that.

To the Wiccan girl who was made fun of by my friends and me for an entire school semester while adults did nothing to shut us up:  We inflicted upon her a mental torture that some kids experience, but not for that length of time without any outside help.  I very deeply regret the stupid and ignorant things that were said.  I realize this technically fits into the apology above, but I'm convinced it deserves its own space due to its content.

For not investing more time and money into worthwhile charity work:  I've spent most of my life tending to the comforts of my own mental and physical state.  Since my college days, after all my comforts have been taken care of on a weekly basis, there has been plenty of either money or time to spare.  I give myself no real excuses and will strive to give more of my excesses to those who cannot provide themselves simple comforts.

For allowing and accepting sexual repression in various forms including women's rights:  I'm sorry for signing a petition to stop funding for Planned Parenthood. I'm sorry for aiding the struggle to encourage young men to feel ashamed for masturbating.  Making someone feel sick inside for doing something so natural (even more awesome when done with a partner) I am ashamed of.

I'm truly sorry.  I once thought it was a good thing for the world to push my own beliefs, I now view as dangerous, unto others.  I wasn't making the world a better place, I was making it a bitter hate-full place and being a bigoted douche' bag while I was at it.  It is now my prerogative to ensure that "my" absolute certainties of belief and faith are replaced with reason, logic, facts and sound moral thought.

From Craig to Dawkins, from Buddha to Nietzsche, from The Bible to The Koran, they all point out some of the very same simple facts:  I am born, I live (for a short while), then I die and what I do during life is extremely important.  For me it is deciding that my importance in this life is to chase knowledge in all its forms while helping all others in their chase of life and liberty.

From the pinnacle of my intelligence (from the bottom of my heart is to imply
I think with my feelings, which I no longer do) I apologize.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My attempt at putting my scatter brain crap on the internet before it gets lost from my horrible memory.

I wanted an epic title for my very first blog post...I'm happy with it.

So anyway, I guess I should introduce myself. You can call me Joe. I've been in the military since mid 2006 and have been voraciously studying philosophy, religion in all its forms, political law and to a lesser extent politics in general with a mix of sociology for about the last 7 years. This has mostly been on my own time and without formal education (I did take 3 years of college at OK State, but I was studying athletic medicine which turned out to be not the least bit interesting). Before I digress too much I would like to point out that writing has never been, and never will be, my strong suit but I plan to get better at it. And hopefully I do. I'm currently attempting to get into the school of philosophy at the University New Mexico.

Ere' go and hither unto I would ask please don't hesitate on being a sentence structure or grammar nazi (yes, I know the N should be capitalized...I did it out of disrespect).

Now you may be asking yourself, "Why the silly blog name? And where did it come from?" Well, it was partially random and partly on purpose. I have been wanting to create a blog for quite some time now and was too lazy to do so. Today I fettered up the inspiration and decided that it's time to start keeping track of this awesome stuff that rolls through my head everyday. While trying to think of a name I was reading this silly ass post on another site about spirituality and how is compares to our digestive system (so utterly stupid that I'm not going to link it because it's not worth the read). Anyway, half way through I realized how incredibly funny I found the title "Spiritual Constipation" and thought, "Man, what an awesome blog name that would make!" Five minutes later, while doing some paperwork, a big flashing neon light went off above my head.

No, I don't support anything spiritual or any religion for that matter. And if I still did, my spiritual digestive system would be completely blocked up with all the woo-woo-bullshit-faith-crap that has to be believed in order for one to be spiritual in today's science driven world.