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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nuclear Fusion and Israel

Nuclear fusion: combining lighter elements together and creating a new heavier element in a process which releases amazing amounts of energy. 

Stars use this process to burn for billions and billions of years creating heavier and heavier elements until they explode in a beautiful brilliant light. 

When the dust settles from a star’s death new solar systems and planets are made. 

Planets like ours with people like us made of the same atoms fused in the belly of the same star.  This awesomely powerful and wonderful process of fusion can be duplicated, by us, in a lab.  Sometimes we can be truly amazing creatures.

But when it comes to human rights…  Most of us are still fighting over which ignorant old book has the answers.

Seriously, fuck you Israel and Palestine and would you please stop fighting over a shitty piece of desert.

You say, God says