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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Protection Racket

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wait, your church doctrine isn’t concerned about women’s rights? Well then it’s dumb and a morally corrupt pile of shit.

Oh man, check out this New York Times article.  The Cathogelicals are special pleading their case of religious discrimination.

“The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops issued a proclamation on Thursday calling for every priest, parish and layperson to participate in “great national campaign” to defend religious liberty, which they said is “under attack, both at home and abroad.” “

Cool story bro…but what does that mean “under attack”?

““To be Catholic and American should mean not having to choose one over the other,” said the statement, issued by the bishops ad hoc committee on religious freedom.“

You mean like how being Islamic and American should not mean having to choose one over the other?  Sati’s burn living widows on top of their dead husband’s funeral pile, should they have to choose?  Should polygamist Mormons chose?  If choosing to be Catholic means practicing bigotry and breaking discrimination laws then I don’t give a shit about protecting those stupid ignorant religious “freedoms” and neither does the law.

“This ought not to be a partisan issue,”

I know…It is an issue about the Cathy’s not being special anymore…*tear*

“In the document, the bishops seek to explain that their alarm is not only about the mandate in the health reform act that requires even Catholic colleges and hospitals to have insurance plans that cover birth control. “

OH NO!  God forbid females have control over their own health, hormones and when they have babies!  OH THE HUMANITY!  Wait, your church doctrine isn’t concerned about women’s rights, well then it’s dumb and morally corrupt.

“violations of religious freedom, including immigration laws in several states that they say make it illegal to minister to illegal immigrants. “

I find myself not caring one lick about this…*tear*

“They also assert that the government has violated the religious freedom of Catholics by cutting off contracts to Catholic agencies. Several states have denied financing to Catholic agencies that refused to place foster children with gay parents.”

Oh yea that makes since, kind of like when Muslim agencies refuse to give babies to Catholics.  I mean, it is thier religious freedom right?  You seriously have to be a fucking idiot to think that this is a valid argument.

“And the federal government refused to reauthorize a grant to a Catholic immigration organization that served victims of sex trafficking because as a Catholic group, it would not provide or refer women to services for abortion and birth control. “

Same as above.  When you treat women like cattle (even while performing a great service) it is fucking wrong.  The last thing a rescued sex traffic victim needs to be told, is that even though the Columbian drug cartel no longer has a say over her womanhood, some crazy fucking asshole who claims to talk to God sitting in a golden chair in Rome does.  Seriously, fuck these people.

“Quoting from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” the bishops say that unjust laws should be either changed or resisted. In this passage, the bishops seem to refer to the recent attempt by President Obama to accommodate their objection to the health care mandate, by ordering the insurance companies, and not the Catholic institutions, to pay for birth control coverage.

“In the face of an unjust law,” the bishops wrote, “an accommodation is not to be sought, especially by resorting to equivocal words and deceptive practices. If we face today the prospect of unjust laws, then Catholics in America, in solidarity with our fellow citizens, must have the courage not to obey them.” “

Oh how cute, you are quoting MLK…your argument is still invalid.  As far as disobeying the law goes…good luck with that.  You’ll have to answer to our secular courts.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If It's Life Then Let It Live!

PZ never disappoints and this is the greatest pro-choice blog post ever.  I am going to archive its ass here.

“The argument is never about whether some state is alive or not. Your appendix and tonsils are great masses of living cells, but if the organ becomes inflamed, doctors will cut them out and throw them away. Every time you poop, about a third of that mass that you excrete and flush away consists of living bacterial cells, yet no one hesitates and feels regret at the tragic loss of life when their hand is on the handle.
The argument is about whether that living thing is a person requiring extensive legal and moral protection, and it’s entirely clear that “life” is not a sufficient criterion, or people would be lobbying for the protection of turds and tonsils. We are not absolutists about protecting all life; we can’t be.”