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Monday, September 17, 2012


So this story came out about Beaumont Texas:
http:/  /www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2012/09/14/principal-shuts-down-cosmetology-class-because-one-of-the-students-looked-gay/

Then browsing reddit I find out that the entire town is shite:

Beaumont, TX. Ah yes. Who would have guessed this existed there. A brief intro the armpit of Texas. More backwoods Louisiana than it shares with the rest of the Lone Star state.
Flanked by the KKK capital Vidor, TX and site of dragging death of James Byrd, Jr, Jasper, Beaumont likes to think of itself as "the city" surrounded by all these silly Rednecks. It's a delusion.
Beaumont is shit. BISD is the shittiest school district you can imagine. It's full of corruption, racism, and bribery.


*                               Highest paid superintendent in the state of Texas? BISD: http://www.texasbudgetsource.com/blog/thomas-likely-will-retire-highest-paid-superintendent-texas More than Houston, Dallas, or Austin -- a guy in a city of 110,000 that destroyed school after school and is the epitome of "teaching to the test". Tax dodger and still makes $340,000 a year.

*                               Contractors steal money and take bribes from the school district??? Keep your job!!http://www.kfdm.com/shared/news/top-stories/stories/kfdm_vid_1613.shtml

*                               Employees and students together in a secret sex club to fuck young girls?? BISD!http://www.military-quotes.com/forum/investigators-looking-into-secret-sex-t23925.html

*                               But they still hadn't learned years later when a couple of students sexually assaulted a freshman, videotaped, and then passed it around school. Good culture at that school. http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Two-Ozen-football-players-indicted-for-child-3862495.php

*                               Administration is drunk driving school vehicles and gets pulled over without a license?? No big deal, call the SCHOOL POLICE DEPARTMENT and they'll give him a ride home without a ticket or arrest. No investigation until the public uproar and then he keeps his job!http://www.cbs19.tv/story/13204102/bisd-issues-statement-since-guillory-dash-cam-video-released?redirected=true

*                               What as the man above drunk driving when stopped??! One of the district's $50,000 leather interior, sunroof, King Ranch trucks bought with grant money that was supposed to help the school district buy ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY vehicles. These get 15mpg and are obvious waste. http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/BISD-truck-has-fancy-package-gets-14-17-mpg-701811.php

*                               Let's not forget the county purchasing agent who resigned after using the county equipment and funds to print all of her private business materials ( http://setxhomepage.com/fulltext?nxd_id=9891 ) who was then quickly hired by the school district ( http://blog.beaumontenterprise.com/bayou/2008/07/29/bisd-revisited-some-more-info-comes-to-light-on-the-bisd-hiring-controversy/ ) -- personally vouched for by the Superintendent as "over-qualified" for the position. And what do you know, she was the purchasing agent writing the checks and clearing the orders for all the work that was never done by the aforementioned corrupt contractor (http://beaumontenterprise.mycapture.com/mycapture/folder.asp?event=1375261&CategoryID=65676&ListSubAlbums=0 )

Fuck BISD. Fuck Beaumont. Fuck this principal . But this is no surprise at all.


Via this fine gent : http://www.reddit.com/user/beaumonttxsucks

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Analogy for my Atheism

My Poster - by Vikingmattress

It seems like when I was born my parents put a poster over the only window in my room. The poster depicted the outside world and as a child it was ok. It's what I've always known so I like the poster and I don't worrying about what's behind it. As I grow older I barely notice it anymore because it has become so commonplace but my parents still like to tell me how important the poster is. As I get older the poster seems a bit childish and, from what I understand of what's really going on, it's almost completely wrong and outlandish. When I ask my parents about the poster they tell me not to worry about it, just trust that the poster tells you everything you need to know. I don't like the poster anymore because I'm fairly convinced its total bullshit so I finally glance around it. What I see is so magnificent that I slowly peal the poster back absent mindedly. The poster lays on the ground now and I look through the window at everything soaking it all in like a lustful sponge. Through my window the universe is at my fingertips and completely outside of my grasp at the same time. Now everytime my parents come over I have to put that damn poster back up. But all I really want is to show them the window.

Neophyte care package

A "Neophyte care package" I found on reddit (user: Dudesan).  Use these resources to help someone who is questioning and wants good starting places for the questions they have.

Some resources regarding the bible:
The entire KJV is indexed and cross-linked, line by line. Deuterocanonical books are also included (along with the Quran and the Book of Mormon). If you only ever go to one counterapologetic site, make it this one.
List and analysis of biblical contradictions:
Lists and analyses of atrocities commanded, committed, and condoned by the god of the Bible:
Comprehensive counterapologetics wiki, including common arguments for and against the existence of god, and common refutations (and attempted refutations) of those arguments:
Fifty or so thought experiments demonstrating that most Christian beliefs are absurd.
Just about every commonly made creationist claim, and several well-cited refutations:
Most of these are addressed in the FAQ, of course, but no one ever actually reads the FAQ, so I may as well repost them in a simpler and more organized form.  Said FAQ:

Why I am No Longer a Christian, Evid3nc3.
This is a very even handed, well put together, and well-researched story of one man's journey from born-again christian to naturalist. It's very emotionally moving, and I'd recommend watching it. It totals about two hours and change in length. His story is very similar to mine, but as I don't have beautiful music or illustrations, I just point people at his videos.
Specifically, I'd recommend this video and this one from the series, explaining where the modern conception of the Biblical God came from.
Dealing with Religion, Gods, Skepticism, and Epistemology
QualiaSoup and TheraminTrees
  • The Real God: An Epiphany [7:00] Describes the difference between rejecting an actual god, and rejecting a story.
  • Christian Justice [6:29] Explains why the doctrine of subsitutionary atonement is absurd and barbaric.
Dealing with Evolution/Creationism is specific: