The following rantings do not represent the views of the US Government or any Local/National Atheist groups.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tolerating Prayer

So I was at the Marine Corps Ball this weekend. I love the Marine Ball, it is always amazingly fun and in Albuquerque they have it at the Hard Rock Casino which makes it double badass. The Marine culture and ceremonies really put me in my insignificant little fucking place being just a paper pusher in the Navy. These guys are all over the world bleeding and dying (these two things are their job) and I truly see them all as selfless heroes.

All that being said...why the literal FUCK does some crazy old man who talks to the air have to give a 15 minute condescending, douche' baggey, we all lub Jebus prayer!?

To be honest the prayer actually started off very nice and he touched some solidly heartfelt topics about brothers in arms and morning the dead and things EVERYONE in the room agrees on. But then he got to the part about how we are all in the service because God called us and it is his guiding arm that blah blah and the Holy Spirit makes everyone blah blah and we are nothing without Jevus blah blah fucking gag me blah. Seriously, I have had enough of this zombie like talkie talkie bullshit about make believe things that aren't remotely fucking true or remotely fucking relevant to what we are there to celebrate.

No, I didn't walk out of the room; no I didn't make a scene. I stood there, I was quiet and listened to that prick remind why I fucking hate religion so much. He made me feel like less of a person. He made sure to point out we are a superior people because our country is mostly Chriatian (so being an atheist I am not contributing to our greatness?). He made me feel like an outcast because I am not a Christian groupie trying to score with the good lord when he comes through town (yea, and by score I mean fuck, I hope that sounds insulting because it was meant to be).

Seriously, how much longer will we keep pretending to rest our collective hopes on some made up desert nomad torturer sky daddy?

"You mad bro? Just walk out next time and quit bitching; there is nothing you can do about it."
No and fuck that. I shouldn't have to leave the room. I shouldn't have to cover my ears. What if they invited a Klansman to give a speech and he talked about how putting our trust in white power is the only way to keep our country and military strong? Would the African Americans just be expected to leave the room if they don't like it? No, because as a society we have come to a point where most of us realize that it is irrelevant prejudicial bullshit.

So how come when a preacher says putting our trust in Gerd is the only way to keep our country and military strong we can't acknowledge, as a society, the other irrelevant prejudicial bullshit that is being spewed?

To all the other selfish preachers out there..get bent.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My letter to Republicans since they got handed their asses.

Letter to a Republican Nation,

 We are women, the poor, the jobless, racial minorities, atheists, gays, and people who care more about taking care of others than lowering taxes. Our numbers are increasing, our voices are getting louder and like it or not our votes actually count and we will continue to vote in record numbers. We are not going away and you have to deal with us. The Democratic Party has welcomed us with open arms and has actively been finding common ground with the things we find important. Things more important than your oil prices, your wars, your Christianity, your “traditions”, your economic policies and your hideous ideals of manifest destiny you seem to think still apply to the world today. If you can’t drop your archaic beliefs that oppress and divide then you will never win another presidency and rightfully so. Drop your bibles and pick up a shovel…we have work to do in our country and you are NOT helping.