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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Atheists Secretly Want to Love and Worship God

Father Robert Baron tried to rationalize why so many militant atheists are making so much noise on the internet these days.  He of course doesn't come any where close because he claims "My wager, as a person of faith, is that everyone — and that includes Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins — implicitly wants God and hence remains permanently fascinated by the things of God."

Here is the whole post below:

Well now, I'm a militant atheist and consider myself pretty well educated so I tried to let him know where he is wrong.  This is what I typed in the comments and I hope he reads it:

Hey, an atheist here and I feel the need to shine the light on some things you said:

" Are the advocates of the faith ready to meet that challenge?"

In my opinion, no. And they won't be until Churches can increase the level of legitimate education among their members and decrease the level of wilful ignorance. One of the most annoying things about Christians to me is their lack in understanding of not only the history of their own religion, but the wall that is built up by their parents and their Church to hide them from the rest of the world's philosophies. This leads to people bumbling around when are they confronted with strange philosophical analogies and questions or have an atheist throw Bible verses back at them. Oh yes, we read it. Any good atheist has read the entire thing and the Koran. The modern world is too small to keep all of our religious views from affecting one another and therefore, it behoves us to communicate with each other honestly and effectively.

"We shouldn’t imitate the Internet atheists in their nastiness,"

Sometimes we become annoyed at having to answer the same questions over and over again and we resort to short snappy answers. Don't let this scare you off. However, If you truly encounter a tone you don't like or they seem to be shot-gunning around your questions, then don't talk to that person. It's that simple.

"Everyone is searching"

No. This is not true.

"My wager, as a person of faith, is that everyone — and that includes Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins — implicitly wants God and hence remains permanently fascinated by the things of God."

This is untrue on many levels. You are asserting to know what is on other men's hearts and minds, that's just silly to start off with. And, you shouldn't find any intellectually honest atheists doing any mind-reading either. This leads to a  ignorant statement that they are lying when they assert that they are not searching for God. You've already lost the wager if you claim something like that. What If I were a Muslim and told you that, as a Christian, "Your lying about actually believing in Jesus. All of the strife in your life is because Allah is calling to you, but you refuse to see him."? I would expect you to get angry. Not only is the assertaion a direct assult to your deeply held beliefs...but it's completely unfounded. These types of accusations are not only dishonest, but also fail to open any sort of productive dialogue.

"Though the fierce atheists of today profess that they would like to eliminate religious speech and religious ideas, secretly they love to listen as people speak of God. This goes a long way, it seems to me, toward explaining their presence in great numbers on religious blogs"

No, it's not an elimination of speech and ideas we want. It is a broadening and universality of all philosophies and ideals, religious or not, with all subject to he same scrutinity to ensure they adhere to the tenants of equal human rights. Also, again, No I don't secretly long for your Yahweh. I have a passion for religious philosophy and finding out what people believe and why they believe it.

[John] "I think your spot on. They really want to believe in Him, and they can't stay away."

Again, I hoped I covered this well enough above. If not I can go over it again.  And feel free to ask me any other questions.


  1. I'd love to respond to your post on that blog, but I've already left three comments there, and because I'm an atheist, Father Schmuckawitz deleted them. No reason to believe he'd allow me to comment again. The comment (that you partially responded to) from John was actually a frustrated me, who left an obsequious comment as an experiment to check whether all comments were being deleted for some odd reason, but alas, no, it's only those that disagree.

    I wrote about it on my blog.


  2. "Father Schmuckawitz " I lawled...Hard.

    And Yes, I'll go check out your response as well.

  3. I hate, hate , hate hypocrisy. And hypocrites aren't very high on my list either. Father Schmuckawitz is a fucking hypocrite.